Best of Beauty: Studio Secrets

I hope you don’t mind if I take you back in time to one of my very first photoshoots. It was in Chicago, with a wonderfully talented photographer, Meredith, and hair and makeup artist, Lynee, who was from the Milwaukee area. The pictures from the shoot turned out beautiful, I had a great time and learned a ton. I remembered Lynee well because she had a natural talent for hair and makeup and she was so kind and warm on set. Because it was one of my very first shoots, I was a bit nervous. So it’s always nice when you meet down-to-earth people.

We met on several occasions after the shoot in Chicago and always got along very well. Lynee’s career has blossomed since then. She started as a desk secretary at a great hair salon in Wisconsin and was eager to learn more about the industry, as she shadowed a talented stylist and learned to hone her skills.

Fast forward to 2014-2015, and she is signed with Ford Artists in Chicago and Miami, has worked on set with big names like Sam Smith, shooting for Teen Vogue, and frequently works with Bryan Whitely, a very talented photographer in Chicago. To sum her up, she is a beautiful person inside and out, with amazing talent.

So, I recently got in touch and asked if she would be interested in writing up a little something for my blog. She very kindly agreed. We brainstormed and came up with something very cool indeed.

Lynee tests out tons of beauty products, on sets or at home. Here are some of her current favorites.


Photo Mar 25, 9 44 21 AM

On Set and In the Studio

I work away from home constantly, so I purposely make sure I have things in my hair and makeup kits that remind me of my favorite places and memories. My models don’t mind so much either, as they feel pampered by the products’ rich scents and beautiful bottles! Of course, you can get by using drugstore products, but the luxury of these make the experience oh-so much sweeter.

*Pictured, from left to right

1) Koh-I-Noor brush. A recent purchase at Chicago’s Americas Beauty Show. This small, quiet and unassuming booth was a haven among the usual noise and flash of the show. The company’s Italian owner was almost apologetic about their high prices, but the quality of their brushes was obviously worth the expense. Now it’s a staple when I’m brushing out bouncy Hollywood locks, and reminds me of my aunts horse stable!

2) Ranunculus Flower. In the warmer months I have gardens surrounding my house and I care for them every morning, when I’m having my morning coffee. And when I leave home I snip off a flower and see how long I can keep it alive floating in a dish of water.

3) Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil. One of the most luxurious hair brands, I’ve filled my entire kit with his products, as well as my showers and baths at home. Its’ scent brings me right back to where my heart is, and of course the results I get with the hair are nothing short of magical! I finish off a hair style by running a tiny drop over my palms and smoothing through the ends.

4) Hermès Un Jardin En Mediterranee perfume. I bought this specifically after a trip with my husband to Saint Lucia, still my favorite island of all time! Whenever the wind blew, the scent of Saint Lucia island was out of this world. I couldn’t have been more pleased when I found Hermès had captured it in a bottle! The last thing I do before I begin my day is dab a bit of it on.

I just want to say thank you Lynee for writing this up, I love the products you picked, and I hope we get a chance to grab lunch soon! I will be linking her website as well her Instagram so you can go check her out! Thanks!

Lyneé Ruiz,

Instagram: @lyneeruiz


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