Best of Beauty: A Citrus Skin Scrub

I was online the other day, looking for some skin cleansing remedies. My skin has been acting up lately and I wanted to find a healthy, cheap skin cleanser. Luckily, I found this amazing simple recipe for a lemon and sugar skin scrub. It’s easy, fast, and it works like an absolute dream. My skin feels so soft and smooth. The after-effects of this skin scrub are immediate and it instantly enhanced my skins natural radiance. This scrub also has many other benefits, including the reduction of age spots, evening skin tone, getting rid of dead skin cells, helping with acne, blackheads, sun spots, and many more common, problematic skin issues.

This remedy is perfect for Spring and Summer months, as you will most likely be outside; tanning, running around, getting more exercise, more sun, more sweat. So in order to have good skin, it’s crucial to have a good face routine. Here are some good tips for keeping good care of your skin: apply moisturizer and sun block daily, cleanse the face every morning/evening, and make sure to pay good attention to applying those moisturizers and sun lotions throughout the day. It takes no more than 5 or 10 minutes, and you can do it without emptying your bank account!


What You’ll Need

Some paper towel (cut and folded into squares)

Some sugar ( I used organic, granulated sugar, just because your skin is very important and so it’s equally important to apply quality ingredients and products on to your skin)

Lemons (I have three)

A clean/rinsed face (make sure you rinsed with warm water prior to scrub, your pores will open and that will give you a deeper and more thorough scrub and cleanse)

Honey (if you have sensitive skin, I recommend adding some honey, it will lessen any extra or unneeded abrasion)



1. Apply some lemon pulp to a paper towel, add some sugar (and honey, if desired) and make sure it’s all packed on the towel.

2. Scrub in circular motions around the face, making sure to get the T-zone area, as that is the most effected area for blackheads, sun damage, skin spots, etc.

3. Gently do this as many times as you see fit. Have many paper towel squares so when they get too dirty you can replace them for a better and cleaner scrub.

4. When you’re finished, rinse your face with cool water and dry face with a clean towel or cloth.

5. Apply some moisturizer to your skin.


There you have it! Enjoy!


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