Hummingbird How-To: Tye Dyeing & Other Little Crafts

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other arts & crafts…

Photo Jun 20, 4 01 25 AM


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See below on our little tye-dyeing adventure…



Emilee and I got these cute little cacti for only $1 at the farmer’s market in downtown Oshkosh.


Learning how to make barefoot sandals…


The next day we all had an urge to tye dye. So I grabbed one of my plain white tees and cropped it. Emilee and Rachel picked some up while we were running errands around town. Or as I like to call it…shopping.


Grab a fork and twist the center of the folded fabric. Turn until fully wrapped in a circle. Take a few rubber bands and wrap the fabric.


Then, begin dyeing the fabric with the colors you chose. Make sure to get the fabric on the inside of the wrap dyed as well.


And we wait….

Stay tuned for a look at the final product, and more how to’s!


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