The Daily Thistle: Autumn Errands

This fall has been so beautiful as of late! Wisconsin has seen some gorgeous weather, idyllic scenery, and many autumn-inspired festivities.

I decided to run some errands while visiting my parents on my day off. I rendezvoused to one of my favorite places, The Elegant Farmer, a quaint little shop on the outskirts of Mukwonago. They have lots of coffee, hot cocoa, pancake mix and organic maple syrup, recipes, and delicious desserts, like their famous Apple Pies, cookies decorated to support the (6-0) football team, The Green Bay Packers, but my personal favorite are the banana and zucchini breads.

Pumpkins outside of Elegant Farmer!

Cute and tiny carts for shopping!

I also managed to squeeze in a quick shopping trip, of course. I drove a short 20 minutes south, soaking in this beautiful weather with the windows down and the music blaring, to this adorable consignment shop called ‘New To You’, in little town of Rochester to see if I could snag some last minute vintage fall gems.

It turns out, I was in luck! I managed to find some perfect accessories for fall. One of them being a handmade scarf from Scotland, so warm and cozy!

Enjoy the weather and go outside for some fresh air! Go Pack!


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