A Chromatic Project: ‘Neon Gypsy’ x Hannah Hamilton

DSC_0676 (1)

I love catching up with little miss Hannah. I’ve known her for a while now and she is always up for any challenge I throw at her. We have worked together in the past and every time we collaborate we come up with shots that I love.

I have recently moved from the east side and I am now living more downtown and I am enjoying it so far. I’m exploring different parts of the city and finding some wonderful location spots for shooting.

One of the first locales I found happens to be right outside my building! I live around a good amount of old brick buildings, which really gives me a cool background to work with.

Hannah stood out so well, which created wonderful color and contrast.



May 2016

Model: Hannah Hamilton


Wardrobe/Styling: Hannah Hamilton + Miranda Berggren

Photographer: Miranda Berggren


HMU: Miranda Berggren


Skirt: Steve Madden

Shoes: H&M Oxfords

Sunglasses: Ray Ban ‘Clubmaster’

Shirt: Adidas


We then traveled farther from my studio and I tried to capture a more moody scene.

Dress: H&M Coachella

Shirt: Vintage

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Shoes: Vans


For the rest of the shoot we went inside, ventured into my laundry room and roamed the hallways, probably disturbing my neighbors.



One piece: Vintage

Windbreaker: Ragstock

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Adidas


We had a nice chat and talked about life, laughing and relaxing. I felt inspired by her outfit that she arrived in: her mother’s old painting crew neck cut off sweatshirt.

It was so fabulous and grunge, so naturally I snapped a few more pictures.

Sweatpants: H&M



Enjoy! x



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