A Cool Project: Gone Rogue


Thrift shopping is a go-to past time of mine. I really enjoy picking out the hidden treasures that may lie hidden beneath piles of all sorts of odds and ends.

I found a Cadet Kelly worthy army jacket (props to those of you who know that Hilary Duff reference, cinematic gold) in a thrift shop the other weekend. This jacket even has the old name written inside and everything, Gulliver. Fitting I think, I don’t know why. I picked it up and decided to shoot it together with a cute ensemble.

Meet my muse, Kelsey Garfoot. She has extensive experience in sweetness and also textile design. She is magic when creating crystal-embroidered items and body jewelry. You may remember her from a shoot I did this past summer with her and some of her friends! Feel free to scroll back a page or two to see that, called A Primitive Project. Enjoy our little collaboration, which I am sure will not be the last.


March 2017


Photographer: Miranda  Berggren


Instagram: @mirandaberggren

Model: Kelsey Garfoot

Instagram: @kgarfoo

MUA/HAIR: Miranda Berggren

Wardrobe/Styling: Kelsey Garfoot + Miranda Berggren


DSC_0567 (1).jpg

DSC_0766 (1).jpg


Jeans: Levi’s

Jacket: Bill Blass

Plaid Shirt: Model’s Own

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban




Camo Jacket: Authentic Military Issue

Belt: Vintage

Denim: Burberry



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